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Mind Tree Dotnet Interview Question

Mind tree Dot net interview Questions, Bangalore, Sept 1, 2010

1) I have the string in format of Rs.2, 50,000. Now I want to read the string value as 250000 and insert into database (let assume that Rs 2,50,000 coming from third party like web services, wcf services, or from other application ) can u write the code to remove the commas.

2) Can a stored procedure call another stored procedure?

3) Difference between function and stored procedure?

4) How can you know the number of rows affected by last SQL statement?

5) What is the use of COMMIT TRANS?

6) What are cursors?

7) Types of indexes?

8) What is the purpose of UPDATE STATISTICS?

9) Can u write the code for , I have the date time columns in data base which it stores in the format of date time 01/09/2010 10:02:56 now I want to display the date as 1- sept-2010 ?

10) How do you find the duplicate rows in the table?

11) What is a typed dataset?

12) What are collection classes?

Array list, dictnory…,

Can u tell me the use of dictionary data type?

13) What are generics?

14) What is the use of Partial Classes

15) What is the use of Enum data type?

Side question: it is reference type r value type?

15) For ex I have

Public enum

Sunday =1;








I need to fill this into dropdown list?

16) How the security is implemented in your project?

I told like, by implementing the 3-tier architecture, using forms authentication, encrypting the password, query strings.

Interviewer how you encrypt the password, I mean which approach u choose, or client specified particular process. .. Can u tell me how many methods  you know to encrypt

17)I have string value like “This is Subhash” now I want to spilt the word at white spaces and collect the words into array list?

18) I have a webpage with some text boxes and one button with name refresh, when I click the button all the textboxes should get refresh, how can u achieve this?

In button event we can write the textbox1.text=”” or text.clear();

Side question if I have 25 control in my webform then for 25 controls you will write text. text=”” ------ so on.

How much u can rate Ur self in out of 5---

19) Does a form authentication is work when cookies are turn off at browser side? H’w can u achieves the forms authentication?
20) Difference between forms authentication and windows authentication?
Side why windows authentication is more secured when compare to forms authentication

21) Can u write the query for to retrieve all records which are modified in last 10 days?

Thanks Varun for sending ur valuable interview questions, hope these are very helpful to my blog readers ...

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  1. good work subash.....

  2. Answer to first Question:
    string str = "Rs2,50,000";
    Console.WriteLine("Initial string was {0}", str);
    str = str.Substring(2);
    Console.WriteLine("After removing Rs from string {0}",str);

    String[] str_withoutComa = str.Split(',');
    str = null;
    foreach (string str_Local in str_withoutComa)
    str += str_Local;

    Console.WriteLine("After Removing coma from number: {0}",str);

    1. why to write all this ? you can just use str = str.Replace(",","");

  3. Answer to Question num 10:

    SELECT YourColumn, COUNT(*) TotalCount
    FROM YourTable
    GROUP BY YourColumn
    HAVING COUNT(*) > 1

  4. Qus :1 ) string str = “2, 50,000”;
    String[] str_withoutComa = str.Split(',');
    str = null;
    foreach (string str_Local in str_withoutComa)
    str += str_Local;

    TextBox1.Text = str;

  5. string str = "2, 50,000";

  6. Answer to first question :
    string rupee = "Rs2,50,000";
    rupee = rupee.Substring(2).Replace(",","");

  7. Answer to 4th question
    By Using ROWCOUNT_BIG() function we can find the no of rows affected by last sql statement.

    Answer to 6th question
    Cursors are data structures that allow you to manipulate the results of
    a query one row at a time. Typically we only do that in client
    application code not in SQL. That's because it is usually much faster,
    easier, more concise and more maintainable to use "set based" SQL code
    - code that manipulates entire sets of data rather than one row at a time.

    Answer to 8th question
    Updates information about the distribution of key values for one or more statistics groups (collections) in the specified table or indexed view.

    Answer to 23rd question
    SELECT Values from TableName where LastUpdatedOn<=GETDATE()-10

  8. thanq very much subhash..

  9. string str = "This is Subhash";
    string[] res=str.Split(' ');
    foreach(string s in res)
    Console.WriteLine("values are:"+s);

  10. Answer to 2nd question:
    Yes, we can call Stored procedure from another stored procedure.
    EXEC OwnerName.StoredProcedureName

  11. Answer to 2nd question:
    Yes, we can call stored procedure from another stored procedure.
    EXEC OwnerName.StoredProcedureName

  12. question 18
    foreach(Control c in Page.Controls)
    if (c is TextBox)

  13. question 9
    select replace (CONVERT(varchar,getdate(),106),' ','-')